path: root/zpu/hdl/zealot
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* minor fix: reduce simulation warnings at 0 psBert Lange2011-10-284-8/+8
* add: Spartan3 reference design for zealotBert Lange2011-10-2811-0/+1200
* beautify: break long comment linesBert Lange2011-10-283-7/+48
* add: GPIO module to zealot SoCBert Lange2011-10-2533-2220/+2590
* fix: zealot/zpu_small - load, see patch from AlvaroBert Lange2011-10-251-0/+1
* add: one more ZPU reference design for zealotBert Lange2011-10-2211-0/+1393
* minor fix: to satisfy some synthesis toolsBert Lange2011-10-151-0/+2
* add: ZPU reference designs for zealotBert Lange2011-10-1321-0/+2853
* change: prettier logifle output (for zealot)Bert Lange2011-10-131-3/+8
* small ZPUoharboe2008-09-231-0/+136
* * zpu/hdl/zealot: added small ZPU core, testbenches and FPGA implementationoharboe2008-09-218-279/+8673
* 2008-09-08 Salvador Eduardo Tropea <>oharboe2008-09-0819-0/+11265
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