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@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ The following boards are supported by Poky:
* Compulab EM-X270 (em-x270)
* FreeScale iMX31ADS (mx31ads)
* Marvell PXA3xx Zylonite (zylonite)
- * Logic iMX31 Lite Kit (mx31lite)
+ * Logic iMX31 Lite Kit (mx31litekit)
* Phytec phyCORE-iMX31 (mx31phy)
For more information see board's section below. The Poky MACHINE setting
@@ -193,10 +193,18 @@ To boot the board:
blob> boot
-Logic iMX31 Lite Kit (mx31lite)
+Logic iMX31 Lite Kit (mx31litekit)
+The easiest method to boot this board is to take an MMC/SD card and format
+the first partition as ext2, then extract the poky image onto this as root.
+Assuming the board is network connected, a TFTP server is available at
+ and a serial terminal is available (115200 8N1), the following
+commands will boot a kernel called "mx31kern" from the TFTP server:
+ losh> ifconfig sm0
+ losh> load raw 0x80100000 0x200000 /tftp/
+ losh> exec 0x80100000 -
Phytec phyCORE-iMX31 (mx31phy)
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