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+These files are provided as is under a FreeBSD license.
+Patches most gratefully accepted to document this better.
+These are parts of the VHDL code that went into ZY2000 that
+can be used on other FPGA brands and with other parts than
+went into ZY2000.
+The long term plan is to split out these from the ZPU project
+into a DDR controller and ARM7 wishbone bridge
+project on and document them.
+arm7 - ARM7 wishbone interface
+ddsdram - a generic ddr ram controller. Implemented for Xilinx + mt46v16m16 but
+can be adapted to other FPGA brands and DRAM chips
+wishbone - atomic 32 bit wishbone access inside FPGA and in ARM7 SW, over a 16 bit CPU databus \ No newline at end of file
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