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| * Interfaces GRE Edit fix required fields textPhil Davis2015-07-131-2/+2
* | Cancel button after input errorPhil Davis2015-07-131-1/+6
* Code spacingPhil Davis2015-06-151-3/+3
* Code style interfaces miscellaneous filesPhil Davis2015-05-131-111/+127
* Ticket #3997, teach code to track carp through uniqids(). Missing carp GUI ch...Ermal LUÇI2015-01-151-7/+1
* Fix lineup of copyright linesPhil Davis2015-01-011-1/+1
* Welcome 2015Renato Botelho2014-12-311-1/+1
* Change copyright statement to reflect realityJim Thompson2014-11-101-0/+1
* fix text and descriptions in GRE edit pageChris Buechler2014-10-101-7/+7
* Remove almost all calls to history.back() and make Cancel button back to HTTP...Renato Botelho2014-09-121-1/+4
* Encode interface/VIP descriptions before displaying them on the GRE and GIF p...jim-p2014-08-061-1/+4
* replaced <br>, <br/> with <br /> in ANSI encoded files. Converted these files...ayvis2014-03-181-9/+9
* Improve checks for params 'id', 'dup' and other similar ones to make sure the...Renato Botelho2014-03-121-3/+3
* Limit CIDR choices for IPv4 on GRE interface, fixes #3277Renato Botelho2013-10-211-2/+3
* Remove call-time pass by reference for do_input_validation, helps ticket #2565Renato Botelho2013-09-121-1/+1
* fix text - s/occured/occurred/Chris Buechler2013-08-011-1/+1
* fix descriptionChris Buechler2013-07-081-1/+1
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* Activate new shortcuts/status in the rest of the areas that are currently setup.jim-p2012-08-101-0/+1
* Remove 32 bit subnetmask limitation for IPv6smos2012-01-151-7/+6
* Fix page title text. Replace "Firewall" with "Interfaces" in title.gnhb2011-03-021-1/+1
* Reconfigure the assigned interface settings if we are modifying the clone set...Ermal2010-12-211-0/+4
* Show carp on the list of interfaces to be used for creating gif/gre tunnels.Ermal2010-12-091-0/+3
* Fix XSS issuesScott Ullrich2010-11-121-4/+4
* Bring in XSS id fixes from m0n0wallScott Ullrich2010-11-121-1/+1
* fix input validation for GREChris Buechler2010-11-081-2/+2
* Sync interfaces_* with mainline/masterRenato Botelho2010-08-031-26/+26
* Merge remote branch 'mainline/master'Renato Botelho2010-08-031-1/+2
| * Checked gettext() implementation on interfaces_gre_edit.phpCarlos Eduardo Ramos2010-07-141-1/+2
* | Reset interface_* filesRenato Botelho2010-07-081-26/+26
* Implement gettext calls on interfaces_gre_edit.phpRafael Lucas2010-07-061-26/+26
* fix textChris Buechler2010-04-191-1/+1
* Add pfSense_BUILDER_BINARIES: and pfSense_MODULE:. Adjust Copyright to includ...Scott Ullrich2009-09-141-1/+3
* clean up textChris Buechler2009-04-071-16/+14
* Dress GRE edit page up with a CSS header like other pages have.Scott Ullrich2008-08-301-0/+3
* Rewrite the pfsense privilege system with the following goals in mind ...Matthew Grooms2008-08-011-0/+8
* Implement frontend for GRE/GIF tunnels.Ermal Luçi2008-07-231-0/+220
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