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started migration to bootstrap
* migrated /index and most widgets on it * migrated /system.php using new form-layout * removed /themes and /javascript; html will change too much
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+pfSense on bootstrap
+We are migrating pfSense to Bootstrap. You can help! Please respect these code-guidelines:
+* use tabs (tabstop=4) for indenting (except the license-header which contains 2 lines that are indented with '\t ')
+* limited echoing of HTML from php, please use proper templating syntax instead (eg. foreach/endforeach)
+* limited attributes on elements; *no style attributes*
+* no inline javascript
+* html attributes should be using double-quoted attribute-values. This means your php-code should use mostly single-quoted strings
+If you feel adventurous you can sometimes rewrite some PHP & javascript code as well; but try to keep this to a minimum. \ No newline at end of file
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