BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
RELENG_2_2Change the default output of pkg.php lists to be encoded before display. Pres...jim-p5 years
RELENG_2_3Fix PPP log reference in status.phpjim-p4 years
RELENG_2_3_0Use proper IPsec enable test. Fixes #6351jim-p5 years
RELENG_2_3_1Fixed #6437Stephen Beaver5 years
RELENG_2_3_2Rather than setting the value directly, minimize exposure to eval() in update...jim-p5 years
RELENG_2_3_3Move users to 2.3.4 when it's availableRenato Botelho4 years
RELENG_2_3_4Fix PPP log reference in status.phpjim-p4 years
RELENG_2_4_0Second half of rebrandTimothy Pearson4 years
RELENG_2_4_4Fix FreeBSD ports URLRaptor Engineering Development Team2 years
masterFix PPP log reference in status.phpjim-p4 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  pfsense-2.3.4_1.tar.gz  Renato Botelho4 years  pfsense-2.3.4.tar.gz  Renato Botelho4 years  pfsense-2.3.3_1.tar.gz  Renato Botelho5 years  pfsense-2.3.3.tar.gz  Renato Botelho5 years  pfsense-2.3.2_1.tar.gz  Renato Botelho5 years  pfsense-2.3.2.tar.gz  Renato Botelho5 years  pfsense-2.3.1_5.tar.gz  Renato Botelho5 years  pfsense-2.3.1_1.tar.gz  Renato Botelho5 years  pfsense-2.3.1.tar.gz  Renato Botelho5 years  pfsense-2.3.0.tar.gz  Renato Botelho6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2014-03-31Fix #3555, on chrome it is not initializing correct minutes when adding a new...RELENG_2_1_1Renato Botelho1-10/+4
2014-03-31Remove TRIM_set and TRIM_unset support. This method isn't very elegant and is...jim-p1-23/+0
2014-03-31Revert "XHTML Compliance"Renato Botelho1-22/+15
2014-03-28Correct check that was broken even before to actually make the ieee8021x enab...Ermal1-1/+1
2014-03-28time for 2.1.1-RELEASEChris Buechler1-1/+1
2014-03-27Handle the reinstallall case with confirmation. Fixes #3548jim-p1-2/+9
2014-03-26send crash reports via HTTPSChris Buechler1-1/+1
2014-03-25Fix days and weeks selection on schedules, reported at https://forum.pfsense....Renato Botelho1-5/+13
2014-03-25Only consider javascript files that ends with .jsRenato Botelho1-1/+1
2014-03-24Fix deletion of ipfw rules and pipes for passthru mac, it fixes #3538Renato Botelho1-2/+2
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