path: root/arch/arm/mach-omap2/omap_hwmod_33xx_43xx_ipblock_data.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* ARM: OMAP2+: Use signed value for sysc register offsetsTony Lindgren2018-04-301-0/+1
* ARM: OMAP2+: Cleanup omap2_spi_dev_attr and other legacy dataSuman Anna2018-02-141-7/+0
* ARM: OMAP2+: Cleanup omap_i2c_dev_attr usageSuman Anna2018-02-141-7/+0
* ARM: OMAP2+: Cleanup omap_gpio_dev_attr usageSuman Anna2018-02-141-9/+0
* ARM: OMAP2+: Include types.h directly for hwmod dataTony Lindgren2018-02-141-0/+2
* ARM: OMAP2+: Fix MMC address space mismatch for am33xx and am43xxTony Lindgren2017-09-191-3/+3
* ARM: AMx3xx: hwmod: Add data for RNGLokesh Vutla2016-11-091-0/+29
* ARM: OMAP2+: AM33XX: Add HWMOD_OMAP4_ZERO_CLKCTRL_OFFSET flag to rtc hwmodDave Gerlach2016-07-221-0/+2
* ARM: AM43XX: hwmod: Fix RSTST register offset for prussKeerthy2016-06-221-0/+1
* ARM: AM335x/AM437x: hwmod: Remove eQEP, ePWM and eCAP hwmod entriesFranklin S Cooper Jr2016-06-101-84/+0
* ARM: AMx3xx: RTC: Add lock and unlock functionsLokesh Vutla2016-04-101-0/+2
* ARM: OMAP: AM43xx hwmod: Add data for am43xx emif hwmodDave Gerlach2015-06-011-0/+13
* memory: omap-gpmc: Add Kconfig option for debugTony Lindgren2015-06-011-1/+2
* ARM: OMAP1/2+: MMC: separate platform data for mmc and mmc hs driverAndreas Fenkart2014-11-261-4/+4
* ARM: OMAP2: MMC: include mmc-omap platform header directlyAndreas Fenkart2014-11-261-1/+1
* ARM: OMAP2+: PRCM: cleanup some header includesTero Kristo2014-05-151-0/+1
* ARM: OMAP2+: hwmod: AM43x supportAfzal Mohammed2013-10-131-0/+74
* ARM: OMAP2+: hwmod: AM335x: remove static register offsAfzal Mohammed2013-10-131-57/+0
* ARM: OMAP2+: hwmod: AM335x: runtime register updateAfzal Mohammed2013-10-131-0/+77
* ARM: OMAP2+: hwmod: AM335x/AM43x: move common dataAfzal Mohammed2013-10-131-0/+1375
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