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* dpkg: add triplet entry to fix build error for armebKrishnanjanappa, Jagadeesh2015-05-151-0/+38
Cross-compling dpkg application for armeb fails with below error during configure task, (snip) configure:23141: checking dpkg cpu type configure:23148: result: armeb configure:23150: WARNING: armeb not found in cputable configure:23162: checking dpkg operating system type configure:23169: result: linux-gnueabi configure:23171: WARNING: linux-gnueabi not found in ostable configure:23183: checking dpkg architecture name configure:23189: error: cannot determine host dpkg architecture -- CUT -- Add the required combination of "gnueabi-linux-armeb" entry in triplet list. (From OE-Core master rev: 63eb33bced1fc1e5451988fc5249ab362fb82615) (From OE-Core rev: 0c83ca720ccfbef6964ac34fedfefa9006c484c4) Signed-off-by: Krishnanjanappa, Jagadeesh <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
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