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Complete the addition of Feature Bits for all Jedec based chips
Add FEATURE_SHORT_RESET, FEATURE_LONG_RESET, and FEATURE_EITHER_RESET rewrite jedec functions to use getaddrmask convert write_49f002 to write_jedec_1 convert write_w39v040c to write_jedec_1 convert probe_w39v040c to probe_jedec convert write_49lf040 to write_jedec_1 convert write_pm29f002 to write_jedec convert write_29f040b to write_jedec_1 convert probe_29f040b to probe_jedec convert erase_chip_29f040b to erase_chip_block_jedec convert erase_sector_29f040b to erase_sector_jedec convert write_m29f002b to write_jedec convert write_m29f002t to write_jedec convert *_29f002 to *_jedec decouple unused files from Makefile: am29f040b.c en29f002a.c m29f002.c mx29f002.c pm29f002.c sst49lf040.c w39v040c.c w49f002u.c Corresponding to flashrom svn r886. Signed-off-by: Sean Nelson <> Acked-by: Carl-Daniel Hailfinger <> Acked-by: Anders Juel Jensen <>
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