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authorStefan Tauner <>2011-09-18 22:42:18 +0000
committerStefan Tauner <>2011-09-18 22:42:18 +0000
commit8c35745fcf3ed6eb2769beda0c8b941df07f6175 (patch)
tree2f3c43a3589edc55e7143b39d40df4a0cd039183 /flashrom.c
parente3185c0599d77c06b9665c9721649b96108c894f (diff)
Revert "Unsignify lengths and addresses in chip functions and structs"
- probe_timing was changed to unsigned although we use negative values for special cases - some code was not changed along hence did no longer compile: * dediprog's read and write functions * linux_spi's read and write functions - it introduced a number of new sign conversion warnings ( To be safe this patch reverts all changes made in r1448, a corrected patch will follow later. Thanks to idwer for pointing out the problem first! Corresponding to flashrom svn r1450. Signed-off-by: Stefan Tauner <> Acked-by: Stefan Tauner <>
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1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/flashrom.c b/flashrom.c
index e2afd44..c565a43 100644
--- a/flashrom.c
+++ b/flashrom.c
@@ -564,7 +564,7 @@ void map_flash_registers(struct flashchip *flash)
flash->virtual_registers = (chipaddr)programmer_map_flash_region("flash chip registers", (0xFFFFFFFF - 0x400000 - size + 1), size);
-int read_memmapped(struct flashchip *flash, uint8_t *buf, unsigned int start, int unsigned len)
+int read_memmapped(struct flashchip *flash, uint8_t *buf, int start, int len)
chip_readn(buf, flash->virtual_memory + start, len);
@@ -710,7 +710,7 @@ int check_erased_range(struct flashchip *flash, int start, int len)
* @message string to print in the "FAILED" message
* @return 0 for success, -1 for failure
-int verify_range(struct flashchip *flash, uint8_t *cmpbuf, unsigned int start, unsigned int len,
+int verify_range(struct flashchip *flash, uint8_t *cmpbuf, int start, int len,
const char *message)
int i;
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