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Add OpenBSD support
Add a requirements section to the man page which lists the needed access permissions for each programmer. This feature needs my pciutils/libpci 8/16-bit write emulation patch at titled [PATCH] Fix pciutils non-32bit PCI write on OpenBSD Corresponding to flashrom svn r1067. Signed-off-by: Carl-Daniel Hailfinger <> Acked-by: Stuart Henderson <>
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@@ -306,7 +306,7 @@ can be any comma-separated combination of
.B "flashrom \-p dummy:lpc,fwh"
-.BR "nic3com" , " nicrealtek" , " nicsmc1211" , " gfxnvidia" , " satasii\
+.BR "nic3com" , " nicrealtek" , " nicsmc1211" , " gfxnvidia" , " satasii \
" and " atahpt " programmers
These programmers have an option to specify the PCI address of the card
your want to use, which must be specified if more than one card supported
@@ -391,6 +391,51 @@ can be any of
flashrom exits with 0 on success, 1 on most failures but with 2 if /dev/mem
(/dev/xsvc on Solaris) can not be opened and with 3 if a call to mmap() fails.
+flashrom needs different access permissions for different programmers.
+.B internal
+needs raw memory access, PCI configuration space access, raw I/O port
+access (x86) and MSR access (x86).
+.B it87spi
+needs raw I/O port access (x86).
+.BR nic3com ", " nicrealtek ", " nicsmc1211 " and " nicnatsemi "
+need PCI configuration space read access and raw I/O port access.
+.B atahpt
+needs PCI configuration space access and raw I/O port access.
+.BR gfxnvidia " and " drkaiser
+need PCI configuration space access and raw memory access.
+.B satasii
+needs PCI configuration space read access and raw memory access.
+.B serprog
+needs TCP access to the network or userspace access to a serial port.
+.B buspirate_spi
+needs userspace access to a serial port.
+.BR dediprog " and " ft2232_spi
+need access to the USB device via libusb.
+.B dummy
+needs no access permissions at all.
+.BR internal ", " it87spi ", " nic3com ", " nicrealtek ", " nicsmc1211 ", "
+.BR nicnatsemi ", " "gfxnvidia" ", " drkaiser ", " satasii " and " atahpt
+have to be run as superuser/root, and need additional raw access permission.
+.BR serprog ", " buspirate_spi ", " dediprog " and " ft2232_spi
+can be run as normal user on most operating systems if appropriate device
+permissions are set.
+On OpenBSD, you can obtain raw access permission by setting
+securelevel=-1 in /etc/rc.securelevel and rebooting, or rebooting into single
+user mode.
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