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Some cosmetics in README and manpage
Also, move more stuff to the manpage where it belongs (this also eliminates some duplicated contents). Corresponding to flashrom svn r460. Signed-off-by: Uwe Hermann <> Acked-by: Uwe Hermann <>
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@@ -49,15 +49,49 @@ Probe only for specified flash ROM chip.
.B "\-s, \-\-estart" <addr>
Exclude start position (obsolete).
+flashrom supports ROM layouts. This allows you to flash certain parts of
+the flash chip only. A ROM layout file looks like follows:
+ 00000000:00008fff gfxrom
+ 00009000:0003ffff normal
+ 00040000:0007ffff fallback
+ i.e.:
+ startaddr:endaddr name
+All addresses are offsets within the file, not absolute addresses!
+If you only want to update the normal image in a ROM you can say:
+.B " flashrom -w --layout rom.layout --image normal agami_aruma.rom"
+To update normal and fallback but leave the VGA BIOS alone, say:
+.B " flashrom -w -l rom.layout -i normal \"
+.B " -i fallback agami_aruma.rom"
+Currently overlapping sections are not supported.
+ROM layouts should replace the -s and -e option since they are more
+flexible and they should lead to a ROM update file format with the
+ROM layout and the ROM image in one file (cpio, zip or something?).
.B "\-e, \-\-eend" <addr>
Exclude end postion (obsolete).
.B "\-m, \-\-mainboard" <[vendor:]part>
-Override mainboard settings. This option is needed for some mainboards,
-see the
-.B "flashrom \-\-list\-supported"
-output for a list. The vendor is not required when the board name is unique.
+Override mainboard settings.
+flashrom reads the coreboot table to determine the current mainboard. If no
+coreboot table could be read or if you want to override these values, you can
+specify -m, e.g.:
+.B " flashrom -w --mainboard AGAMI:ARUMA agami_aruma.rom"
+See the 'Supported mainboards' section in the output of 'flashrom -L' for
+a list of boards which require the specification of the board name, if no
+coreboot table is found.
.B "\-f, \-\-force"
Force write without checking whether the ROM image file is really meant
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