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authorSean Nelson <>2009-12-23 17:05:59 +0000
committerSean Nelson <>2009-12-23 17:05:59 +0000
commit6b11ad2f19b2ab6d1fca8822e0a37a6ebcaac325 (patch)
tree98d3e3a122064430879d129ec0cd7a231379caaa /chipdrivers.h
parentbbfeb70fb9c4c91eaa17db8349917f5dacb04d14 (diff)
Convert the following chips to use struct eraseblock
AMIC_A29002B AMIC_A29002T EN_29F002B EN_29F002T MBM29F004BC MBM29F004TC MBM29F400BC MBM29F400TC MX_25L3205 MX_25L6405 MX_29F002B MX_29F002T Add block erasers for m29f400bt and mx29f002. Change programmer delays from 2 seconds to 10us in mx29f002 and am29f040b. Corresponding to flashrom svn r819. Signed-off-by: Sean Nelson <> Acked-by: Carl-Daniel Hailfinger <>
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1 files changed, 4 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/chipdrivers.h b/chipdrivers.h
index a4e1273..adcb46d 100644
--- a/chipdrivers.h
+++ b/chipdrivers.h
@@ -97,7 +97,8 @@ int write_m29f002b(struct flashchip *flash, uint8_t *buf);
/* m29f400bt.c */
int probe_m29f400bt(struct flashchip *flash);
int erase_m29f400bt(struct flashchip *flash);
-int block_erase_m29f400bt(struct flashchip *flash, int start, int len);
+int block_erase_m29f400bt(struct flashchip *flash, unsigned int start, unsigned int len);
+int block_erase_chip_m29f400bt(struct flashchip *flash, unsigned int start, unsigned int len);
int write_m29f400bt(struct flashchip *flash, uint8_t *buf);
int write_coreboot_m29f400bt(struct flashchip *flash, uint8_t *buf);
void protect_m29f400bt(chipaddr bios);
@@ -107,6 +108,8 @@ void write_page_m29f400bt(chipaddr bios, uint8_t *src,
/* mx29f002.c */
int probe_29f002(struct flashchip *flash);
int erase_29f002(struct flashchip *flash);
+int erase_chip_29f002(struct flashchip *flash, unsigned int addr, unsigned int blocklen);
+int erase_sector_29f002(struct flashchip *flash, unsigned int address, unsigned int blocklen);
int write_29f002(struct flashchip *flash, uint8_t *buf);
/* pm49fl00x.c */
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