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authorSean Nelson <>2010-01-19 16:08:51 +0000
committerSean Nelson <>2010-01-19 16:08:51 +0000
commit56358aae1d390780ad1d6e982eed5471b9fb749a (patch)
tree0f1598aa627845e8b02c82fe19d4c60e86990f1f /chipdrivers.h
parentd38fac8c261e4d7e3857453dfb612b9094f63e95 (diff)
Block eraser conversions and support for Eon EN25B series
Convert chips to block_erasers: SyncMOS S29C31004T SyncMOS S29C51001T SyncMOS S29C51002T SyncMOS S29C51004T TI TMS29F002RT TI TMS29F002RB SyncMOS chips have Uniform sector; boot blocks on chips are made up of uniform sectors but have locking. Corresponding to flashrom svn r871. Signed-off-by: Sean Nelson <> Acked-by: Carl-Daniel Hailfinger <>
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1 files changed, 3 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/chipdrivers.h b/chipdrivers.h
index 496aa7e..6e2edc6 100644
--- a/chipdrivers.h
+++ b/chipdrivers.h
@@ -167,6 +167,9 @@ int write_49f002(struct flashchip *flash, uint8_t *buf);
/* stm50flw0x0x.c */
int probe_stm50flw0x0x(struct flashchip *flash);
int erase_stm50flw0x0x(struct flashchip *flash);
+int erase_block_stm50flw0x0x(struct flashchip *flash, unsigned int block, unsigned int blocksize);
+int erase_sector_stm50flw0x0x(struct flashchip *flash, unsigned int block, unsigned int blocksize);
+int erase_chip_stm50flw0x0x(struct flashchip *flash, unsigned int addr, unsigned int blocklen);
int write_stm50flw0x0x(struct flashchip *flash, uint8_t *buf);
#endif /* !__CHIPDRIVERS_H__ */
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