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This patch introduces two new targets which are designed to make the life of packagers easier
In particular, it should no longer be necessary to patch the makefile for hassle-free compilation. The targets are: make export make tarball Both preserve svn revisions and the exported tree does not depend on subversion in any way or shape. Documentation for this feature has been added to README. We need this for five reasons: 1. Packagers currently have to patch flashrom source to compile it on systems without subversion. We should make it easier for them. 2. Snapshot tarballs currently have a .svn 1.5 directory included but this will cause errors for users with older svn 1.4. Not requiring subversion for snapshot compilation is best. 3. Since packagers seldom the svn revision in their fixup patches, some packages out there have incorrect or no revision, only major version numbers. 4. Releasing a new version of flashrom needs too many changes to the makefile which have to be reverted instantly after the release. That is unnecessary churn. 5. Making a release is easy with the change. Update the major version, then run "make tarball". Corresponding to flashrom svn r587. Signed-off-by: Carl-Daniel Hailfinger <> Acked-by: Uwe Hermann <>
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(see for details on coreboot)
+To package flashrom and remove dependencies on subversion, either use
+make export
+make tarball
+make export will export all flashrom files from the subversion repository at
+revision BASE into a directory named $EXPORTDIR/flashrom-$VERSION-r$SVNREVISION
+and will additionally modify the Makefile in that directory to contain the svn
+revision of the exported tree.
+make tarball will simply tar up the result of make export and gzip compress it.
+The snapshot tarballs are the result of make tarball and require no further
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