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* minor fix: permission of build-scriptsBert Lange2011-10-253-0/+0
* add: software test for gpio moduleBert Lange2011-10-252-0/+76
* * Small ZPU now supports interruptsoharboe2008-05-064-2191/+2196
* wipoharboe2008-05-053-0/+3057
* * Make code synthesize on Synopsisoharboe2008-05-041-1/+4
* wip for interruptsoharboe2008-05-012-0/+36
* * zpu/zpu/sw/index.html. Changed it a bit to make installation easier.oharboe2008-02-214-3384/+2988
* * zpu/zpu/hdl/index.html. Sharpened instructions and shows two workingoharboe2008-02-217-5549/+5582
* Initial import from www.ecosforge.netoharboe2008-01-029-0/+6729
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