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* Miguel Freitas <>oharboe2008-06-181-1/+4
| | | | | | | log.txt and trace.txt currently on cvs were produced by interrupt.vhd. this patch will build example_ghdl with interrupt.vhd by default so user can compare results. adds a note about what user needs to edit to simulate helloworld.vhd without interrupts.
* I'm also attaching another patch which removes unisim/roc dependencyoharboe2008-06-186-75/+40
| | | | | | | | | | (it was used just to pulse the areset) and fixes paths for building the ghdl examples out of the box. I guess this is the easiest way to get zpu running on linux with minimum effort. You should check if the areset change doesn't break modelsim. It feels much simpler this way and seems to work the same, i might be missing something.
* * moved ZPU core files to seperate folderoharboe2008-05-043-0/+76
| | | | * deleted some obsolete files
* * zpu/hdl/example_ghdl/, zpu/hdl/example_ghdl/,oharboe2008-04-224-0/+94
zpu/hdl/example_ghdl/, zpu/hdl/example_ghdl/README: GHDL example * zpu/hdl/zpu4/src/ testcase for GHDL * zpu/hdl/zpu4/src/ testcase for GHDL * zpu/hdl/zpu4/src/ testcase for GHDL * zpu/hdl/example/helloworld.vhd, zpu/hdl/zpu4/src/bram_dmips.vhd, zpu/hdl/zpu4/src/, zpu/hdl/zpu4/src/dram_dmips.vhd, zpu/hdl/zpu4/src/dram_hello.vhd, zpu/hdl/zpu4/src/io.vhd, zpu/hdl/zpu4/src/sim_fpga_top.vhd, zpu/hdl/zpu4/src/sim_small_fpga_top.vhd, zpu/hdl/zpu4/src/timer.vhd, zpu/hdl/zpu4/src/trace.vhd, zpu/hdl/zpu4/src/zpu_config_trace.vhd, zpu/hdl/zpu4/src/zpu_core_small.vhd, zpu/hdl/zpu4/src/zpu_core.vhd, zpu/hdl/zpu4/src/zpupkg.vhd: conversion to numeric_std
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