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* Merge pull request #1208 from razzfazz/nat_add_missing_protocolsRenato Botelho2014-06-201-1/+1
| * bring protocols on NAT edit page more in line with rule edit pageDaniel Becker2014-05-221-1/+1
* | Remove also . and / from graphRenato Botelho2014-06-191-1/+1
* | Fix status_rrd_graph_img.php and also improve it:Renato Botelho2014-06-191-36/+37
* | Make sure single quotes are encoded and avoid javascript injectionRenato Botelho2014-06-191-2/+2
* | Use CDATA for javascriptRenato Botelho2014-06-191-3/+3
* | Fix indent and whitespacesRenato Botelho2014-06-191-6/+7
* | Simplify logic, add some protection to user input parametersRenato Botelho2014-06-181-27/+23
* | Fix whitespaces and indentRenato Botelho2014-06-181-46/+45
* | We need to allow subdirectories under /usr/local/pkg, here is the proper fixRenato Botelho2014-06-181-7/+5
* | Protect servicestatusfilter parameter with htmlspecialchars()Renato Botelho2014-06-171-1/+1
* | Protect rssfeed parameters with htmlspecialchars()Renato Botelho2014-06-171-6/+6
* | Avoid directory traversal on restorefullbackupRenato Botelho2014-06-171-2/+2
* | Fix core dump on viewing invalid package logMatt Smith2014-06-172-3/+7
* | Remove . and / from pkg name to avoid directory traversalRenato Botelho2014-06-171-5/+5
* | Remove id=0 from miniupnpd menu and shortcutRenato Botelho2014-06-172-3/+3
* | Avoid directory traversal when reading package xml files, also check if file ...Renato Botelho2014-06-171-1/+6
* | Make sure variables are escaped, also replace exec calls to run rm by unlink_...Renato Botelho2014-06-171-4/+4
* | Remove useless code, variable is set again on next lineRenato Botelho2014-06-171-3/+0
* | Escape parameters passed to shell_exec()Renato Botelho2014-06-172-2/+2
* | Be more careful with host parameter and make sure it's escaped when call shel...Renato Botelho2014-06-171-7/+6
* | Validate starttime and stoptime formatRenato Botelho2014-06-171-0/+8
* | Be more precise to match members of a bridge interface, it should fix #3637Renato Botelho2014-06-101-1/+3
* | Do not allow interface group name to be bigger than 15 chars, helps ticket #3208Renato Botelho2014-06-091-1/+1
* | Add some protection to parameters that come through _GETRenato Botelho2014-06-061-4/+8
* | remove openbgpd bits from system_gateways_edit and The packageChris Buechler2014-05-301-6/+0
* | Unset iflist and iflist_disabledRenato Botelho2014-05-292-1/+6
* | Show disabled interface when it was already part of interface group, it avoid...Renato Botelho2014-05-292-6/+14
* add guiconfig to widgets not including it. ticket #3498Chris Buechler2014-05-142-0/+2
* remove text not relevant to Allowed IPs. Ticket #3594Chris Buechler2014-05-141-18/+2
* Merge pull request #1131 from razzfazz/make_upnp_listen_on_if_optionalRenato Botelho2014-05-092-2/+11
| * make listening on interface rather than IP optional for miniupnpDaniel Becker2014-05-062-2/+11
* | Merge pull request #1130 from razzfazz/status_upnp_int_portRenato Botelho2014-05-081-3/+8
|\ \
| * | add column for internal port on UPnP status pageDaniel Becker2014-05-051-3/+8
| |/
* | Fix #3646, Revert part of 082c9d961e and fix highlight selected rulesRenato Botelho2014-05-082-17/+17
* Fix Bug #3627 Diagnostics: Tables - Remove button dont work after update to P...Phil Davis2014-04-301-2/+2
* Check the right field hereRenato Botelho2014-04-292-2/+2
* Unbreak 'add rule on top of the list' allowing after param to be -1Renato Botelho2014-04-293-6/+6
* Move clog from /usr to /usr/localRenato Botelho2014-04-283-7/+7
* make miniupnpd listen on interface instead of IPDaniel Becker2014-04-271-2/+1
* Don't refuse to delete a bridge in the GUI just because its bridge interface ...Chris Buechler2014-04-261-3/+6
* Remove problematic code without proper checks but even not needed hereErmal2014-04-185-19/+0
* List GWGs in Interface to send update fromPhil Davis2014-04-091-7/+23
* Use an alphanumeric test rather than purely is_numericint because the ID is g...RELENG_2_1_2jim-p2014-04-091-2/+2
* fixes Bug #3569Marcello Coutinho2014-04-041-1/+4
* Fix #3555, on chrome it is not initializing correct minutes when adding a new...RELENG_2_1_1Renato Botelho2014-03-311-10/+4
* Revert "XHTML Compliance"Renato Botelho2014-03-311-22/+15
* Handle the reinstallall case with confirmation. Fixes #3548jim-p2014-03-271-2/+9
* Fix days and weeks selection on schedules, reported at https://forum.pfsense....Renato Botelho2014-03-251-5/+13
* Only consider javascript files that ends with .jsRenato Botelho2014-03-251-1/+1
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