path: root/usr/local/www/widgets/widgets/services_status.widget.php
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Protect servicestatusfilter parameter with htmlspecialchars()Renato Botelho2014-06-171-1/+1
* The service status icon (get_service_status_icon) is not always in a table.N0YB2014-01-261-0/+2
* Do not display disabled services on services status widgetphildd2013-04-011-1/+1
* Services Status Widget remove leftover >Phil Davis2013-03-091-1/+1
* Tidy up "services" widget XHTMLColin Fleming2013-03-051-13/+15
* Services status widget display 1st sentence of descriptionPhil Davis2013-03-041-2/+3
* Refine the formatting of the service status icon a bit depending on its context.jim-p2012-08-131-1/+1
* Consolodate a bunch of duplicate service status codejim-p2012-08-101-194/+3
* Add array check before array item check to miniupnpd service_status widget Marcello Coutinho2012-07-061-1/+1
* Add additional checkbcyrill2012-07-061-1/+1
* Fix Captive Portal statusbcyrill2012-07-061-2/+2
* Fix hiding services in the widget that contain a space in the service name.jim-p2012-06-241-1/+1
* IGMPproxy, service_status widgetbcyrill2012-06-231-1/+1
* Added radvd / Updated Captive Portal service widgetbcyrill2012-06-151-24/+56
* Fix redirect when saving settings in the widget, it was landing on the widget...jim-p2012-05-141-0/+1
* Don't use $pconfig in widgets, it has unintended side effects.jim-p2012-02-021-4/+4
* Do not redirect on saving services status widget, the headers have been sent ...jim-p2011-12-211-1/+0
* Add relayd to Status > Services and widget. Add capability to kill when resta...jim-p2011-09-281-0/+7
* Sort services on the services status page and widget.jim-p2011-01-101-0/+7
* Add $nocsrf = true;Scott Ullrich2011-01-031-0/+2
* Don't use pconfig in a widget, it can cause issues with other widget settings.jim-p2010-11-021-43/+43
* Sync service status widget code with service status page. Fixes #984jim-p2010-11-011-80/+104
* More fixes to status services.Ermal2010-08-311-1/+1
* Fix typojim-p2010-02-151-1/+1
* Change variable name to avoid clobbering one by the same name in the Dashboar...jim-p2010-02-151-43/+43
* Fix services status widget to use the same code as the services status page. ...jim-p2010-01-201-31/+59
* * Convert carp/vips code to behave the same as other interfaces.Ermal Luši2009-10-011-7/+0
* Fix includes for the widget too.Ermal Luši2009-07-101-2/+1
* Configurable filtering for Services Status widgetjim-p2009-04-051-1/+24
* * Rename link_int_to_bridge_interface to link_interface_to_bridgeErmal Lu├ži2008-11-071-1/+1
* Fix detection if an interface is part of bridge.Ermal Lu├ži2008-08-311-1/+1
* Continue interface improvementsErmal Lu├ži2008-06-211-5/+6
* touch up textChris Buechler2008-01-081-1/+1
* include required files for when widget is being loaded by AJAX calls.Scott Dale2007-12-301-0/+5
* Add services status widget. Submitted-by: morbus via forumScott Ullrich2007-07-051-0/+163
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