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* Fixup adding --from-code to xgettext callsRenato Botelho2017-01-181-0/+2
* Move copyright from ESF to NetgateRenato Botelho2016-09-063-3/+3
* Review license / copyright on all files (final round)Renato Botelho2016-07-151-1/+1
* Review license / copyright on all files (1st round)Renato Botelho2016-07-143-39/+94
* Remove script used to initial import of packages into ports. It served us wel...Renato Botelho2016-03-011-437/+0
* Add 2nd parameter of Form_Select to translationRenato Botelho2016-01-211-0/+1
* Add a script to update .pot fileRenato Botelho2016-01-211-0/+112
* Random stuff in tools folder treePhil Davis2015-12-112-6/+6
* move clean script to tools directoryJared Dillard2015-12-021-0/+15
* Tweaks to the priv generation scriptjim-p2015-11-251-1/+8
* Update privilege generation script.jim-p2015-11-251-5/+6
* Deal with multiple conflictsRenato Botelho2015-11-061-1/+3
* Fix usageRenato Botelho2015-10-121-6/+1
* Fix 7ca93399 where I pushed wrong patchRenato Botelho2015-09-181-2/+6
* Mark packages that have <noembedded> tag to conflict with pfSense-base-nanobsdRenato Botelho2015-09-181-0/+3
* Fix update_package_pfPorts.php to work with new build structureRenato Botelho2015-08-251-27/+11
* Import build scripts from pfSense-tools repoRenato Botelho2015-08-252-0/+665
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