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* Check value of /etc/platform when installing the correct ttys file.Scott Ullrich2007-11-291-0/+6
* Nuke on upgrade now that it resides in pfSsh.phpScott Ullrich2007-11-231-0/+4
* Remove any previous MD5 sums after upgrade.Scott Ullrich2007-11-071-2/+2
* If index.html, fred.png or dfuife.cgi is found remove them on upgrade.Scott Ullrich2007-10-011-0/+6
* * The drop is locked in /etc/rc.firmware * Modify ttys after the correct file...Scott Ullrich2007-08-021-5/+3
* * Drop the lock before exiting * Fall back to RO on needed platforms before e...Scott Ullrich2007-08-021-1/+4
* Only zap /kernels directory if it existsScott Ullrich2007-08-021-1/+3
* * Ensure source kernel exists before blindly copying * Move embedded ttys bac...Scott Ullrich2007-08-021-3/+10
* Reinstall correct kernel after upgrade.Scott Ullrich2007-08-021-0/+12
* Upgrade RELENG_1 as well for embedded.Scott Ullrich2007-05-092-0/+21
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