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* Remove Status -> RRD Graphs in favor of Status -> Monitoring. Ticket #5498Renato Botelho2016-03-031-234/+0
* Synchronize page titles with tab titles. Rename some titles in order to be mo...k-paulius2016-02-131-2/+2
* Convert section titles to title casek-paulius2016-02-101-1/+1
* add call 'gettext' function in the status menu filesbruno2016-01-221-1/+1
* complete breadcrumbs for each tabJared Dillard2015-12-291-1/+1
* No need to restart dpinger to get new rrd data, it's not like apinger that se...Renato Botelho2015-12-291-1/+0
* Remove all pfSense_MODULE and pfSense_BUILDER_BINARIES definitions, whatever ...Renato Botelho2015-12-151-4/+0
* Code style status*Phil Davis2015-12-151-9/+11
* Fix more privilege text/name/page inconsistenciesjim-p2015-11-251-2/+2
* Calling all of these "Page" in the privilege name is redundant since they are...jim-p2015-11-251-1/+1
* Added use of class autoloading (GUI stuff only)Doug Wollison2015-11-231-2/+0
* NTP -> NTPDStephen Beaver2015-11-201-1/+1
* Fixed #5497Stephen Beaver2015-11-201-5/+20
* EOL whitespace and header consistency for wwwPhil Davis2015-11-091-2/+1
* Copyright updates Batch 2 of 3Stephen Beaver2015-11-061-1/+0
* Moved action-buttons in-line styling to pfSense.cssStephen Beaver2015-11-051-1/+1
* bootstrap, use require_once for classes/Form.class.phpPiBa-NL2015-08-311-1/+1
* resetRRD => ResetRRDStephen Beaver2015-08-281-27/+54
* Merge branch 'master' into bootstrapRenato Botelho2015-08-261-201/+84
* Move main pfSense content to src/Renato Botelho2015-08-251-0/+316
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