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* Include User Agent information when update bogons listRenato Botelho2017-07-051-0/+8
* Remove all calls to conf_mount_r* functionsRenato Botelho2016-10-121-6/+0
* Move copyright from ESF to NetgateRenato Botelho2016-09-061-1/+1
* Move to Apache License 2.0Renato Botelho2016-07-151-41/+9
* Review license / copyright on all files (1st round)Renato Botelho2016-07-141-4/+52
* Clarify log when skipping v6 bogons update.Chris Buechler2016-04-061-1/+1
* Move main pfSense content to src/Renato Botelho2015-08-251-0/+152
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