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* Add which helps in setting distanceScott Ullrich2005-08-301-0/+41
* Dns from dhcp fixes for GG to test.Jeb Campbell2005-08-301-38/+3
* Do not echo nameserver $nameserver, simply echo $nameserverScott Ullrich2005-08-301-1/+1
* Do not create /var/etc/resolv.conf in dhclient-script. Depend on system_reso...Scott Ullrich2005-08-301-2/+2
* Bring back in OpenBSD's dhclient-script for doctoringScott Ullrich2005-08-291-207/+267
* Restore previous dhclient-script.Scott Ullrich2005-08-281-267/+207
* Use /var/etc/ for temporary staging of resolv.confScott Ullrich2005-08-031-10/+10
* Use /var/etc/ for temporary staging of resolv.confScott Ullrich2005-08-031-8/+8
* Bring in m0n0wall specific patches on top of open's dhclient-scriptScott Ullrich2005-07-101-0/+4
* Move dhclient-script to /sbin/Scott Ullrich2005-07-101-0/+290
* Delete files.Scott Ullrich2004-11-081-243/+0
* Go ahead and sync up needed binaries since we have a pfSense_sync script.Scott Ullrich2004-11-071-0/+243
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