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To start with just `.php` files. According to the [Developer Style Guide]( - Use tabs for indentation (not spaces or a mixture of both) - Use a tab stop of 8, rather than 4 - Ensure there is NO trailing whitespace at the end of a line, for example spaces or tabs when there is no more text afterward - Ensure there is NO whitespace on empty lines. For example, a line must not contain only spaces or only tabs Additionally, I've added: - UTF-8 character encoding - LF line endings - Final newline Proposed `.editorconfig` file (`.php` files for now): ```ini ; This file is for unifying the coding style for different editors and IDEs. ; More information at root = true [*.php] indent_style = tab tab_width = 8 end_of_line = lf charset = utf-8 trim_trailing_whitespace = true insert_final_newline = true ``` GitHub will also read and apply this style to the repo. See #1664.
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