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<td colspan="2" valign="top" class="listtopic">Firewall Advanced</td>
- <td width="22%" valign="top" class="vncell">FTP server compatibility</td>
- <td width="78%" class="vtable">
- <input name="rfc959workaround" type="checkbox" id="rfc959workaround" value="yes" <?php if (isset($config['system']['rfc959workaround'])) echo "checked"; ?> />
- <strong>Allow data connections from the FTP command port</strong><br/>
- This allows for communication with ftp servers that violate
- RFC 959 by opening data connections from the command port (21).
- These should be opened on the data port(20). This option should
- not expose you to any extra risk as the firewall will still only
- allow connections on a port that ftp-proxy listens on.
- </td>
- </tr>
- <tr>
<td width="22%" valign="top" class="vncell">IP Do-Not-Fragment compatibility</td>
<td width="78%" class="vtable">
<input name="scrubnodf" type="checkbox" id="scrubnodf" value="yes" <?php if (isset($config['system']['scrubnodf'])) echo "checked"; ?> />
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