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+# Valid certificate SSL
+# Pattern attributes: good slow notsofast subset
+# Protocol groups: secure ietf_proposed_standard
+# Wiki:
+# Copyright (C) 2008 Matthew Strait, Ethan Sommer; See ../LICENSE
+# This matches anything claiming to use a valid certificate from a well
+# known certificate authority.
+# This is a subset of ssl, so it needs to come first to match.
+# Note that opening a website that has a valid certificate will
+# open one connection that matches this and many ssl connections that
+# only match the ssl pattern. Thus, this pattern may not be very useful.
+# This pattern is believed match only the above, but may not match all
+# of it.
+# the certificate authority info is sent in quasi plain text, if it matches
+# a well known certificate authority then we will assume it is a
+# web/imaps/etc server. Other ssl may be good too, but it should fall under
+# a different rule
+^(.?.?\x16\x03.*\x16\x03|.?.?\x01\x03\x01?.*\x0b).*(thawte|equifax secure|rsa data security, inc|verisign, inc|gte cybertrust root|entrust\.net limited)
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