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+# Tencent QQ Protocol - Chinese instant messenger protocol -
+# Pattern attributes: good notsofast fast
+# Protocol groups: chat
+# Wiki:
+# Copyright (C) 2008 Matthew Strait, Ethan Sommer; See ../LICENSE
+# Over six million people use QQ in China, according to wsgtrsys.
+# This pattern has been tested and is believed to work well.
+# QQ uses three (two?) methods to connect to server(s?).
+# one is udp, and another is tcp
+# udp protocol: the first byte is 02 and last byte is 03
+# tcp protocol: the second byte is 02 and last byte is 03
+# tony on says that now the *third* byte is 02:
+# "but when I tested on my PC, I found that when qq2007/qq2008
+# use tcp protocol, the third byte instead of the second is always 02.
+# So the QQ protocol changed again, or I have made a mistake, I wonder
+# that."
+# So now the pattern allows any of the first three bytes to be 02. Delete
+# one of the ".?" to restore to the old behaviour.
+# pattern written by wsgtrsys
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