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+# MSN (Micosoft Network) Messenger file transfers (MSNFTP and MSNSLP)
+# Pattern attributes: good fast fast
+# Protocol groups: chat document_retrieval proprietary
+# Wiki:
+# Copyright (C) 2008 Matthew Strait, Ethan Sommer; See ../LICENSE
+# NOTE! This pattern does not catch the modern type of MSN filetransfers
+# because they use the same TCP connection as the chat itself. See
+# ../example_traffic/msn_chat_and_file_transfer.txt for a demonstration.
+# This pattern has been tested and seems to work well. It, does,
+# however, require more testing with various versions of the official
+# MSN client as well as with clones such as Trillian, Miranda, Gaim,
+# etc. If you are using a MSN clone and this pattern DOES work for you,
+# please, also let us know.
+# First part matches the older MSNFTP: A MSN filetransfer is a normal
+# MSN connection except that the protocol is MSNFTP. Some clients
+# (especially Trillian) send other protocol versions besides MSNFTP
+# which should be matched by the [ -~]*.
+# Second part matches newer MSNSLP:
+# This part is untested.
+^(ver [ -~]*msnftp\x0d\x0aver msnftp\x0d\x0ausr|method msnmsgr:)
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