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+# IRC - Internet Relay Chat - RFC 1459
+# Pattern attributes: great fast fast
+# Protocol groups: chat ietf_proposed_standard
+# Wiki:
+# Copyright (C) 2008 Matthew Strait, Ethan Sommer; See ../LICENSE
+# Usually runs on port 6666 or 6667
+# Note that chat traffic runs on these ports, but IRC-DCC traffic (which
+# can use much more bandwidth) uses a dynamically assigned port, so you
+# must have the IRC connection tracking module in your kernel to classify
+# this.
+# This pattern has been tested and is believed to work well.
+# First thing that happens is that the client sends NICK and USER, in
+# either order. This allows MIRC color codes (\x02-\x0d instead of
+# \x09-\x0d).
+^(nick[\x09-\x0d -~]*user[\x09-\x0d -~]*:|user[\x09-\x0d -~]*:[\x02-\x0d -~]*nick[\x09-\x0d -~]*\x0d\x0a)
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