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+# Gopher - A precursor to HTTP - RFC 1436
+# Pattern attributes: good slow notsofast undermatch
+# Protocol groups: document_retrieval obsolete ietf_rfc_documented
+# Wiki:
+# Copyright (C) 2008 Matthew Strait, Ethan Sommer; See ../LICENSE
+# Gopher servers usually run on TCP port 70.
+# This pattern is lightly tested using .
+# This matches the server's response, but naturally only if it is a
+# directory listing, not if it is sending a file, because then the data
+# is totally arbitrary.
+# Matches the client saying "list what you have", then the server
+# response: one of the file type characters, any printable characters, a
+# tab, any printable characters, a tab, something that looks like a
+# domain name, a tab, and then a number which could be the start of a
+# port number.
+# "0About internet Gopher\tStuff:About us\\t70"
+# "\r7search by keywords on protein data using wais\twaissrc:/protein_all/protein\\t70"
+^[\x09-\x0d]*[1-9,+tgi][\x09-\x0d -~]*\x09[\x09-\x0d -~]*\x09[a-z0-9.]*\.[a-z][a-z].?.?\x09[1-9]
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