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Point people to 'Clear Package Lock' if the reinstall of packages got stuck (RELENG_2_2)
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diff --git a/usr/local/www/ b/usr/local/www/
index 6416394..afb27c0 100755
--- a/usr/local/www/
+++ b/usr/local/www/
@@ -439,6 +439,7 @@ if (is_subsystem_dirty('packagelock') || (file_exists('/conf/needs_package_sync'
} else {
$pgtitle = array(gettext("System"),gettext("Package Manager"));
$info_text = gettext("Packages are currently being reinstalled in the background.<p>Do not make changes in the GUI until this is complete.");
+ $info_text .= gettext("<p>If the above message is still displayed after a couple of hours, use the 'Clear Package Lock' button on the <a href='diag_backup.php' title='Backup/Restore'>Backup/Restore page</a> and reinstall packages manually.");
print_info_box($info_text . "<p><img src='/themes/{$g['theme']}/images/icons/icon_fw-update.gif' alt='firmware update' />");
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