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committerRenato Botelho <>2015-04-13 11:07:44 -0300
commit222e6390e38c264f62ed1743260ed2a58599c1e6 (patch)
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Domain override with multiple authoritative DNS servers
Tell users that this is possible in DNS Resolver and how to achieve it. The code in already supports it and works. I had asked for this in Redmine feature request #4350 and when I went to look at coding to implement it I found code that already did it. So IMHO it is worth telling users.
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diff --git a/usr/local/www/services_unbound.php b/usr/local/www/services_unbound.php
index f33b16c..f831cfa 100644
--- a/usr/local/www/services_unbound.php
+++ b/usr/local/www/services_unbound.php
@@ -501,7 +501,8 @@ function show_advanced_dns() {
<td><p><?=gettext("Entries in this area override an entire domain by specifying an".
- " authoritative DNS server to be queried for that domain.");?></p></td>
+ " authoritative DNS server to be queried for that domain.");?>
+ <?=gettext("If there are multiple authoritative DNS servers available for a domain then make a separate entry for each, using the same domain name.");?></p></td>
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