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Add patch from lietu (Janne Enberg). Ticket #136
1) Multiple NAT rules can be assigned the same filter rule -> Fixed, added assigned-nat-rule-id to filter rules to keep track of the assignment 2) when removing the link (i.e. switching to "pass" or "none", the linked rule isn't deleted (should it be? probably yes) -> Fixed, when a NAT rule's association is removed, the filter rule is deleted. Added a "create new associated filter rule" option to the dropdown if there is none selected. 3) The destination IP and port of linked rules can be edited in firewall_rules_edit.php and shouldn't be. Source should be editable but not destination, since that should strictly be tied to the NAT rule. -> Fixed, you cannot edit the destination for the filter rules that are linked to NAT rules, this has been disabled both by JavaScript and PHP. 4) If you edit the source in a linked firewall rule, it gets overwritten when you edit the NAT rule. The NAT rule should never touch the firewall rule source after the rule exists. -> Fixed, previously the old rule was deleted and a new one created, now it only updates the old rule and doesn't touch the source. Also added crosslinking from the NAT rule to the filter rule and back, so you can jump to edit the filter rule from the NAT rule and vice-versa.
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+ <associated-nat-rule-id></associated-nat-rule-id>
<!-- rule syntax:
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