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Add defualt pass rule on lan interface and remove it from config.
It is a default policy so lets keep it with defaults and let the user override it when pleases. Remove it from here since it is part of the default policy and allow that on a new installation, after shaper wizard run packets don't go to the default queue.
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diff --git a/cf/conf/config.xml b/cf/conf/config.xml
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--- a/cf/conf/config.xml
+++ b/cf/conf/config.xml
@@ -441,17 +441,6 @@
<!-- <tcpidletimeout></tcpidletimeout> -->
- <rule>
- <type>pass</type>
- <descr>Default LAN -&gt; any</descr>
- <interface>lan</interface>
- <source>
- <network>lan</network>
- </source>
- <destination>
- <any/>
- </destination>
- </rule>
<!-- rule syntax:
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