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Adapt tools scripts for pfSense main repo (round #1):
- Move SCRATCHDIR to ./tmp and add it to .gitignore - Move logs to ./logs and add it to .gitignore - Add build.conf to .gitignore - Rename BUILDER_TOOLS to BUILDER_ROOT that makes more sense in new infrastructure - Change some (cd DIR && git) to git -C DIR - Remove BASE_DIR - Remove TOOLS_DIR - Remove update_product_repository() - Remove TOOLS_*_COMMIT variables - Rename PRODUCT_CURRENT_COMMIT and PRODUCT_LAST_COMMIT to simply CURRENT_COMMIT and LAST_COMMIT - Remove all use of GIT_REPO_DIR, GIT_REPO_UTL and GIT_REPO_TOOLS - Change clone_to_staging_area() to clone ./src instad of ./ - Detect if script was called from / or /tools and set BUILDER_ROOT and BUILDER_SCRIPTS properly - Create SCRATCHDIR if it doesn't exist
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