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* firmware: Create directories for external firmwareMichal Marek2014-07-091-0/+6
* firmware: Use $(quote) in the MakefileMichal Marek2014-05-141-2/+2
* firmware: Simplify directory creationMichal Marek2014-05-141-25/+5
* firmware,IB/qib: revert firmware file moveMike Marciniszyn2013-04-051-1/+1
* IB/qib: change QLogic to IntelVinit Agnihotri2013-03-221-1/+1
* firmware: remove last vestiges of dabusbTim Gardner2012-11-211-1/+0
* Merge git:// Torvalds2012-10-021-1/+0
| * firmware: Remove obsolete Chelsio cxgb3 firmwareTim Gardner2012-08-021-1/+0
* | firmware: remove computone driver firmware and documentationTim Gardner2012-08-161-1/+0
* tokenring: delete all remaining driver supportPaul Gortmaker2012-05-151-2/+0
* [SCSI] isci, firmware: Remove isci fallback parameter blob and generatorBen Hutchings2012-01-161-1/+0
* isci: Intel(R) C600 Series Chipset Storage Control Unit DriverDan Williams2011-07-021-0/+1
* bnx2x: Update firmware to 6.2.9Dmitry Kravkov2011-03-311-3/+3
* bnx2: Update firmware and versionMichael Chan2011-03-141-1/+1
* bnx2: Update firmware and versionMichael Chan2010-12-311-2/+2
* bnx2x: replace FW to 6.2.5Vladislav Zolotarov2010-12-161-3/+3
* bnx2: Update firmware to 6.0.x.Michael Chan2010-10-111-5/+5
* bnx2x: Add 57712 supportDmitry Kravkov2010-10-061-1/+2
* bnx2x, cnic, bnx2i: use new FW/HSIDmitry Kravkov2010-10-061-2/+2
* bnx2x: create folder for bnx2x firmware filesDmitry Kravkov2010-10-061-1/+2
* Merge commit 'v2.6.36-rc1' into kbuild/rc-fixesMichal Marek2010-08-201-1/+1
| * Merge git:// Torvalds2010-08-041-1/+1
| |\
| | * cxgb3: update FW to 7.10Divy Le Ray2010-06-251-1/+1
* | | fixes for using make 3.82Jan Beulich2010-08-171-1/+1
|/ /
* | IB/qib: Use request_firmware() to load SD7220 firmwareBen Hutchings2010-07-081-0/+1
* bnx2: Update 5709 MIPS firmware and version to 2.0.15.Michael Chan2010-05-171-1/+1
* bnx2x: Use firmware 5.2.13Vladislav Zolotarov2010-02-171-1/+1
* bnx2: Update firmwares and update version to 2.0.8.Michael Chan2010-02-161-4/+4
* pcnet_cs: add cis of KTI PE520 pcmcia network cardKen Kawasaki2010-01-061-1/+2
* Merge branch 'master' of S. Miller2009-11-061-2/+4
| * pcnet_cs: add cis of PreMax PE-200 ethernet pcmcia cardKen Kawasaki2009-10-291-2/+4
* | bnx2x: Allowing 0 as initial fairness valueEilon Greenstein2009-10-151-1/+1
* pcnet_cs: add cis of National Semicondoctor's multifunction pcmcia cardKen Kawasaki2009-10-051-2/+5
* Merge branch 'drm-linus' of git:// Torvalds2009-09-211-0/+16
| * radeon: Use request_firmware()Ben Hutchings2009-08-311-0/+14
| * drm/r128: Use request_firmware() to load CCE microcodeBen Hutchings2009-08-271-0/+1
| * drm/mga: Use request_firmware() to load microcodeBen Hutchings2009-08-271-0/+1
* | pcnet_cs: add cis of Linksys multifunction pcmcia cardKen Kawasaki2009-09-151-1/+2
* | bnx2: Update firmware to 5.0.0.j3.Michael Chan2009-08-291-4/+5
* | bnx2x: Using the new FWEilon Greenstein2009-08-121-1/+1
* | cxgb3: use request_firmware() for the EDC registers setupDivy Le Ray2009-07-081-1/+4
* cxgb3: Update FW to 7.4.0Divy Le Ray2009-06-031-1/+1
* 3c589_cs: add cis(firmware) of 3Com multifunction pcmcia cardKen Kawasaki2009-05-011-0/+2
* bnx2x: Separated FW from the source.Vladislav Zolotarov2009-04-271-0/+1
* pcnet_cs: add cis(firmware) of the Allied Telesis LA-PCMKen Kawasaki2009-04-211-0/+1
* Merge git:// Torvalds2009-04-101-10/+20
| * firmware: Remove newly-added slicoss and sxg firmware imagesDavid Woodhouse2009-04-061-6/+0
| * ALSA: wavefront - Always use request_firmware()Takashi Iwai2009-04-061-0/+1
| * firmware: convert av7110 driver to request_firmware()Jaswinder Singh2009-04-061-0/+1
| * Partially revert "V4L/DVB (9533): cx88: Add support for TurboSight TBS8910 DV...David Woodhouse2009-04-061-2/+14
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