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Pull device mapper updates from Mike Snitzer: - DM core passthrough ioctl fix to retain reference to DM table, and that table's block devices, while issuing the ioctl to one of those block devices. - DM core passthrough ioctl fix to _not_ override the fmode_t used to issue the ioctl. Overriding by using the fmode_t that the block device was originally open with during DM table load is a liability. - Add DM core support for secure erase forwarding and update the DM linear and DM striped targets to support them. - A DM core 4.16 stable fix to allow abnormal IO (e.g. discard, write same, write zeroes) for targets that make use of the non-splitting IO variant (as is done for multipath or thinp when layered directly on NVMe). - Allow DM targets to return a payload in response to a DM message that they are sent. This is useful for DM targets that would like to provide statistics data in response to DM messages. - Update DM bufio to support non-power-of-2 block sizes. Numerous other related changes prepare the DM bufio code for this support. - Fix DM crypt to use a bounded amount of memory across the entire system. This is to avoid OOM that can otherwise occur in response to certain pathological IO workloads (e.g. discarding a large DM crypt device). - Add a 'check_at_most_once' feature to the DM verity target to allow verity to be used on mobile devices that have very limited resources. - Fix the DM integrity target to fail early if a keyed algorithm (e.g. HMAC) is to be used but the key isn't set. - Add non-power-of-2 support to the DM unstripe target. - Eliminate the use of a Variable Length Array in the DM stripe target. - Update the DM log-writes target to record metadata (REQ_META flag). - DM raid fixes for its nosync status and some variable range issues. * tag 'for-4.17/dm-changes' of git:// (28 commits) dm: remove fmode_t argument from .prepare_ioctl hook dm: hold DM table for duration of ioctl rather than use blkdev_get dm raid: fix parse_raid_params() variable range issue dm verity: make verity_for_io_block static dm verity: add 'check_at_most_once' option to only validate hashes once dm bufio: don't embed a bio in the dm_buffer structure dm bufio: support non-power-of-two block sizes dm bufio: use slab cache for dm_buffer structure allocations dm bufio: reorder fields in dm_buffer structure dm bufio: relax alignment constraint on slab cache dm bufio: remove code that merges slab caches dm bufio: get rid of slab cache name allocations dm bufio: move dm-bufio.h to include/linux/ dm bufio: delete outdated comment dm: add support for secure erase forwarding dm: backfill abnormal IO support to non-splitting IO submission dm raid: fix nosync status dm mpath: use DM_MAPIO_SUBMITTED instead of magic number 0 in process_queued_bios() dm stripe: get rid of a Variable Length Array (VLA) dm log writes: record metadata flag for better flags record ...
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