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Merge tag 'iio-for-4.9b' of git:// into staging-next
Jonathan writes: Second set of iio new device support, features and cleanups for the 4.9 cycle. New device support * ad8801 dac - new driver supporting ad8801 and ad8803 DACs. * adc12138 - new driver supporting TI adc12130/adc12132 and adc12138 ADCs. * ltc2485 adc - new driver * mxc6255 - add support for the mxc6225 part name and fixup the ID check so it works. * vz89x VOC sensor - add support for the vz89te part which drops the voc_short channel and adds CRCs compared to other supported parts. New features * core - immutable triggers. These effectively grant exclusive control over a trigger. The typical usecase is a device representing an analog part (perhaps a MUX) that needs to control the sampling of a downstream ADC. - resource managed trigger registration and triggered_buffer_init. - iio_push_event now protected against case of the event interface registration not having yet occured. Only matters if an interrupt can occur during this window - might happen on shared interrupt lines. - helper to let a driver query if the trigger it is using is provided by itself (using the convention of both device and trigger having the same parent). * tools - iio-utils. Used channel modifier scaling in preference to generic scaling when both exist. * at91-adc - Add support for touchscreen switches closure time needed by some newer parts. * stx104 - support the ADC channels on this ADC/DAC board. As these are the primary feature of the board also move the driver to the iio/adc directory. * sx9500 - device tree bindings. Cleanups / Fixes * ad5755 - fix an off-by-one on devnr limit check (introduced earlier this cycle) * ad7266 - drop NULL check on devm_regulator_get_optional as it can't return NULL. * ak8974 - avoid an unused functional warning due to rework in PM core code. - remove .owner field setting as done by i2c_core. * ina2xx - clear out a left over debug field from chip global data. * hid-sensors - avoid an unused functional warning due to rework in PM core code. * maxim-thermocouple - fix non static symbol warnings. * ms5611 - fetch and enable regulators unconditionally when they aren't optional. * sca3000 - whitespace cleanup. * st_sensors - fetch and enable regulators unconditionally rather than having them supported as optional regulators (missunderstanding on my part amongst others a while back) - followup to previous patch fixes error checking on the regulators. - mark symbols static where possible. - use the 'is it my trigger' help function. This prevents the odd case of another device triggering from the st-sensors trigger whilst the st-sensors trigger is itself not using it but rather using say an hrtimer. * ti-ads1015 - add missing of_node_put. * vz89x - rework to all support of new devices. - prevent reading of a corrupted buffer. - fixup a return value of 0/1 in a bool returning function. Address updates - Vlad Dogaru email address change.
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