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Merge tag 'iio-for-4.12a' of git:// into staging-next
Jonathan writes: First set of IIO new device support, features and cleanup for the 4.12 cycle. Quite a bit of outreachy activity here with a driver from a current intern and a number of cleanup patches as part of the next round. Getting a pull request in early this cycle as it's looking like another large cycle for IIO. New device support * adxl345 - initial device support. Note, once complete support is done the intent is to superceded the driver in input/misc. - bindings. - conversion from i2c direct calls to regmap and driver split. - spi support. * chromeos light and proximity. - new driver. * devantech srf04 ultrasonic ranger - new driver with device tree bindings. * hid temperature - new driver for environemntal temperature support from hid devices. * max30102 oximeter - new driver with device tree bindings. * st lsm6dsx - refactor and addition of device support for lsm6dsl and lsm6ds3h. Staging graduation * isl29028 including copyright notice update to reflect Brian's work. * lpc32xx_adc. * spear adc. It's not perfect and there are some datasheet disagreements, but it works and is good enough to graduate. New features * documentation - abi docs for in_proximity_sampling_frequency_available. - generalise counting direction ABI docs as a second driver is going to use them. * hid-sensor-prox - Add support for HID_USAGE_SENSOR_HUMAN_PRESENCE if used on a particular device. * isl29028 - runtime pm. * meson-saradc - switch from polling to interrupt mode and improved read_raw_sample function to avoid unnecessary loop. * tmp007 - interrupt and threshold event support. Cleanups and minor fixes * ad2s1210 - permissions to octal. * ad7192 - permissions to octal. - use BIT macro. * ad9832 - merge header definitions into source file. * ad9834 - merge header definitions into source file. * ade7753 - merge header definitions into source file. - cleanup include ordering. * ade7854 - simplify return logic. * adis16201 - merge header definitions into source file. - rename _core.c to .c as there is nothing else. * adis16203 - merge header definitions into source file. - rename _core.c to .c as there is nothing else. * adis16209 - merge header definitions into source file. - rename _core.c to .c as there is nothing else. * adis16240 - permissions to octal. - merge header definitions into source file. - rename _core.c to .c as there is nothing else. * adt7136 - permissions to octal. * cio-dac - set missing parent device. * documentation - update version numbers on sysfs ABI for counter bits that didn't quite. make 4.9. * isl29028 - mdelay to msleep. - incorrrect sleep time when taking first proximity reading. * lmp91000 - set missing parent device. * lpc32xx - Consistent prefixes for defines. - rename local state structure to _state. * max30100 - set missing parent device. * max30102 - set missing parent device. * maxim-thermocouple - set missing parent device. * meter driver header - permissions to octal. * pulsedlight-lidar-lite-v2 - set missing parent device. * quad-8 - set missing parent device. * st104 - set missing parent device. Other * Mailmap - update Matt Ranostay's email address to the Konsolko one.
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