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* Temporarily disable AltiVec support pending update to use new data typesHEADmasterTimothy Pearson2016-10-021-3/+4
* Fix Autotools buildTimothy Pearson2016-10-024-6/+10
* Add install targets to CMake build systemTimothy Pearson2016-10-022-0/+37
* Introduce ENABLE_LOG macroHaruki Hasegawa2016-05-051-0/+4
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'linkotec/master'Haruki Hasegawa2016-05-0597-7962/+34019
| * If the system is not ARM or x86 based, we will have invalid set of compiler f...Jukka Ojanen2016-04-071-3/+6
| * Try to remove some of the hard coded offsets to _ffts_plan_tJukka Ojanen2016-04-062-33/+39
| * Silence the compiler warningsJukka Ojanen2016-04-061-8/+21
| * Combine ffts_tranpose_scalar and ffts_transpose, and use ffts_transpose_scala...Jukka Ojanen2016-04-059-326/+399
| * Fix ffts_init_nd() for 3 or higher rank complex FFTsJukka Ojanen2016-04-051-25/+30
| * Add notes about data layout to ffts.hJukka Ojanen2016-04-051-4/+16
| * Fix neon_transpose8 for non-square matrices, move loops to assembly side, abo...Jukka Ojanen2016-03-292-62/+194
| * Rename neon_transpose to neon_transpose4, 4x4 tiled matrix transpose.Jukka Ojanen2016-03-283-12/+12
| * "transpose_buf" is not usedJukka Ojanen2016-03-281-14/+9
| * Improve performance of small complex 2D Neon transform by 15%Jukka Ojanen2016-03-282-718/+714
| * Simplify maintenance by using macrosJukka Ojanen2016-03-171-838/+331
| * Use local labels to fix 'symbol already defined' errorsJukka Ojanen2016-03-171-44/+44
| * Combine neon_static_f.s and neon_static_i.s to neon_static.sJukka Ojanen2016-03-173-900/+865
| * Clean and optimize ARM Neon static transform, 4-5% fasterJukka Ojanen2016-03-162-1737/+1624
| * neon_static_x4_f and neon_static_x4_i don't use the second passed argument, a...Jukka Ojanen2016-03-154-126/+140
| * Coverage analysis shows unused if-else branchesJukka Ojanen2016-03-141-18/+26
| * Unroll to minimize recursive function call depth (overhead)Jukka Ojanen2016-03-141-45/+91
| * Peel off top-level only if-case from ARM NEON recursive implementationJukka Ojanen2016-03-142-99/+120
| * Resolve undefined reference to `neon_transpose_to_buf'Jukka Ojanen2016-03-111-4/+4
| * Restore ARM NEON optimized recursive versionJukka Ojanen2016-03-112-13/+85
| * Remove unused CMake build optionJukka Ojanen2016-03-111-4/+0
| * Try to fix Travis testing #2Jukka Ojanen2015-11-301-1/+1
| * Try to fix Travis testingJukka Ojanen2015-11-301-0/+6
| * Require CMake >= 2.8.12 to support ALIAS targetsJukka Ojanen2015-11-301-13/+2
| * Enable building shared library and start version numbering from 0.9.0. On Win...Jukka Ojanen2015-11-306-28/+134
| * Fix ARM 'softfp' detection, broken by ARM 'hard' float detectionJukka Ojanen2015-11-241-21/+29
| * Changed NEON test in CMakeList.txt so that it works for newer ARMs (-mfloat-a...Mikko Orispaa2015-11-202-4/+4
| * Detection of pmmintrin.h with GCC may fail if required instruction set is not...Jukka Ojanen2015-10-211-2/+24
| * Fix stylingJukka Ojanen2015-10-141-5/+5
| * Add Travis build statusJukka Ojanen2015-10-141-2/+3
| * Rename README to to support markdownJukka Ojanen2015-10-141-0/+0
| * Enable Travis to OSX buildingJukka Ojanen2015-10-141-0/+3
| * Fix CMake warning for mis-matching argumentsJukka Ojanen2015-10-141-1/+1
| * First attempt to enable TravisJukka Ojanen2015-10-141-0/+3
| * Fix error "target specific option mismatch", _mm_addsub_ps intrinsic needs SSE3Jukka Ojanen2015-10-141-1/+3
| * Fix MSVC error C2719Jukka Ojanen2015-10-132-20/+21
| * Add SSE2 optimized ffts_generate_cosine_sine_pow2_32fJukka Ojanen2015-09-171-14/+84
| * Add double-double arithmetic to generate "exact" double precision cosine and ...Jukka Ojanen2015-09-163-0/+379
| * Change the order of constants; cos_hi, cos_lo, sin_hi, sin_lo -> cos_hi, sin_...Jukka Ojanen2015-09-161-68/+68
| * Extended constant tables to double-double arithmeticJukka Ojanen2015-09-151-49/+115
| * Correct flag is 'march=armv7-a' and apply the same flags for ASMJukka Ojanen2015-08-291-6/+13
| * Improve (fix) ARM architecture detectionJukka Ojanen2015-08-291-31/+107
| * Avoid problems with different versions of CMakePushCheckState macros and fix ...Jukka Ojanen2015-08-281-18/+7
| * No need to display the size of transformJukka Ojanen2015-08-282-27/+35
| * Control reaches end of non-void functionJukka Ojanen2015-07-301-1/+1
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