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+FFTS -- The Fastest Fourier Transform in the South
+by Anthony Blake <>
+To build for Android, edit and run
+To build for iOS, edit and run
+To build for Linux or OS X on x86, run
+ ./configure --enable-sse --enable-single --prefix=/usr/local
+ make
+ make install
+Optionally build for Windows and Linux with CMake, run
+ mkdir build
+ cd build
+ cmake ..
+FFTS dynamically generates code at runtime. This can be disabled with
+Note that 32 bit x86 dynamic machine code generation is not supported at the moment.
+For JNI targets: --enable-jni will build the jni stuff automatically for
+the host target, and --enable-shared must also be added manually for it to
+If you like FFTS, please show your support by sending a postcard to:
+Anthony Blake
+Department of Computer Science
+The University of Waikato
+Private Bag 3105
+Hamilton 3240
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