path: root/meta/recipes-devtools/python/python-smartpm
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* python-smartpm: Fix attemptonly builds when file conflicts occurMark Hatle2015-01-291-31/+66
* python-smartpm: report warn rather than error during install with --attemptHongxu Jia2014-11-041-3/+24
* python-smartpm: Add checking for "rpm-ignoresize" optionChong Lu2014-10-241-0/+37
* python-smartpm: Add patches for rpm4Saul Wold2014-09-302-24/+78
* python-smartpm: fix option typo of command channelKai Kang2014-08-021-1/+1
* python-smartpm: really ignore conflicts during install with --attemptPaul Eggleton2014-02-111-13/+121
* python-smartpm: truncate the filename to meet NAME_MAXRobert Yang2013-09-171-0/+35
* python-smartpm: Add an attempt install modeMark Hatle2013-09-111-0/+59
* python-smartpm: Add support to disable installing recommendsMark Hatle2013-08-221-0/+24
* python-smartpm: Add support for excluding package from the installMark Hatle2013-08-221-0/+70
* python-smartpm: add ignore-recommends package flagPaul Eggleton2013-07-291-0/+60
* python-smartpm: fix sometimes reporting no provider instead of conflictPaul Eggleton2013-07-291-0/+196
* smart: disable CHANNELSDIRBogdan Marinescu2013-04-081-0/+24
* python-smartpm: show friendly error if YAML output requested without PyYAMLPaul Eggleton2013-02-111-0/+86
* python-smartpm: multilib fixesBogdan Marinescu2013-02-011-0/+22
* python-smartpm: improve error reportingBogdan Marinescu2012-12-191-0/+253
* python-smartpm: Fix incorrect comparison argumentsMark Hatle2012-12-061-0/+28
* python-smartpm: allow setting arbitrary macros in smart configPaul Eggleton2012-12-061-0/+27
* python-smartpm: support nolinktos and noparentdirs rpm optionsPaul Eggleton2012-12-061-0/+40
* python-smartpm: don't create /var/tmp on every rpm database openPaul Eggleton2012-12-061-0/+30
* python-smartpm: fix package metadata not being read from rpm-md feedsPaul Eggleton2012-12-061-0/+26
* python-smartpm: add support for recommendsPaul Eggleton2012-12-062-43/+1362
* python-smartpm: Add basic knowledge of RPMSENSE_MISSINGOKMark Hatle2012-11-181-0/+43
* python-smartpm: Add smartpm recipeMark Hatle2012-11-182-0/+126
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