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* mtd-utils: Update version to include fixes after 1.5.0Lauren Post2014-03-111-32/+0
* Basic recipe formatting fixesPaul Eggleton2014-01-021-2/+2
* Replace one-line DESCRIPTION with SUMMARYPaul Eggleton2014-01-021-1/+1
* remove the unnecessary protocol parametersJackie Huang2013-08-301-1/+1
* mtd-utils: split into multiple packagesFrans Meulenbroeks2013-01-281-1/+7
* mtd-utils:fix corrupt cleanmarker with flash_erase -j commandChunrong Guo2012-12-111-2/+3
* Move 'tag=' to SRCREV in mtd-utils recipeEvade Flow2012-10-181-1/+2
* mtd-utils: do not stage headers in sysrootAndrea Adami2012-06-281-5/+1
* mtd-utils: Update to version 1.5.0Radu Moisan2012-05-301-0/+28
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