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* dpkg: upgrade to 1.16.8Constantin Musca2012-09-021-0/+21
autofoo.patch: removed - the patch is not used check_version: adapted to the new version - adapt the linux-wrs kernel version, which has character '_' - remove the first-char-digit-check (as the version does) dpkg-deb-avoid-fflush.patch: removed - the patch is included in the new version fix-timestamps.patch: added - the lutimes function doesn't work properly for all systems ignore_extra_fields.patch: adapted to the new version nochroot.patch: removed - the patch is not used noman.patch: adapted to the new version noupdalt.patch: removed - the patch is not used perllibdir.patch: removed - in the new version PERL_LIBDIR will be set only if empty preinst.patch: adapted to new version removed-tar-no-timestamp.patch: added - the busybox-1.19.4 tar utility doesn't support --warning=no-timestamp (From OE-Core rev: 02e8b5c1fd68fa18ee81ba2920cd48fea8a1ef5e) Signed-off-by: Constantin Musca <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
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