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+++ b/meta/recipes-devtools/dpkg/dpkg/tarfix.patch
@@ -0,0 +1,45 @@
+They managed to 'break' tar. Again. Sorry, they fixed a regression
+which broke dpkg-deb.
+The addition of:
+("Bugfix: entries read from the -T file did not get proper matching_flag.")
+means that the no-recursion option gets lost. This leads to many files getting included
+multiple times, along with files which shouldn't be there.
+The commit message is horrendous. The patch actually makes the option positional
+(as documnted since 2003) and therefore doesn't affect the input from the -T option.
+Moving the --no-reursion option to earlier in the command avoids the bug.
+The bug was not present in tar 1.28 however it has been backported in at least
+Fedora 22 and heading into Fedora 21.
+Redhat reports of issue:
+ [tar]
+ [dpkg]
+Discussion of bug in upstream tar:
+Yocto bug:
+Upstream-Status: Submitted [have mailed dpkg maintainer about this]
+Index: dpkg-1.17.25/dpkg-deb/build.c
+--- dpkg-1.17.25.orig/dpkg-deb/build.c
++++ dpkg-1.17.25/dpkg-deb/build.c
+@@ -560,7 +560,7 @@ do_build(const char *const *argv)
+ if (chdir(dir))
+ ohshite(_("failed to chdir to `%.255s'"), dir);
+ execlp(TAR, "tar", "-cf", "-", "--format=gnu", "--null", "--no-unquote",
+- "-T", "-", "--no-recursion", NULL);
++ "--no-recursion", "-T", "-", NULL);
+ ohshite(_("unable to execute %s (%s)"), "tar -cf", TAR);
+ }
+ close(p1[0]);
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