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authorPaul Eggleton <>2015-02-19 16:39:57 +0000
committerRichard Purdie <>2015-02-23 17:35:28 +0000
commit845efa450c8a99b3ade59c5decc852a2769600d3 (patch)
treea1702e4b8cfb46dca56a3923b295d5f88be3bfc6 /scripts/lib/devtool/
parent8e7437b3f0494297e66493acd1b5b103f16177d6 (diff)
devtool: reset: run bitbake -c clean on recipe
If you've added a new recipe, you want the output cleaned when you do devtool reset, otherwise cruft from building the recipe may remain which could interfere with future builds. (From OE-Core rev: 664d1a7fe8f8288fabc582d00f6e36ab29496ec5) Signed-off-by: Paul Eggleton <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
Diffstat (limited to 'scripts/lib/devtool/')
1 files changed, 6 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/scripts/lib/devtool/ b/scripts/lib/devtool/
index d503111..763177d 100644
--- a/scripts/lib/devtool/
+++ b/scripts/lib/devtool/
@@ -475,6 +475,11 @@ def reset(args, config, basepath, workspace):
if not args.recipename in workspace:
logger.error("no recipe named %s in your workspace" % args.recipename)
return -1
+ if not args.no_clean:
+'Cleaning sysroot for recipe %s...' % args.recipename)
+ exec_build_env_command(config.init_path, basepath, 'bitbake -c clean %s' % args.recipename)
_check_preserve(config, args.recipename)
preservepath = os.path.join(config.workspace_path, 'attic', args.recipename)
@@ -555,5 +560,6 @@ def register_commands(subparsers, context):
description='Removes the specified recipe from your workspace (resetting its state)',
parser_reset.add_argument('recipename', help='Recipe to reset')
+ parser_reset.add_argument('--no-clean', '-n', action="store_true", help='Don\'t clean the sysroot to remove recipe output')
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