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* Various coding style and cosmetic changesUwe Hermann2010-03-131-11/+12
* Windows wants UNC names for COM ports >9 (legacy COM ports only work with one...Patrick Georgi2010-01-261-1/+9
* Convert all messages in serial.c to the new message infrastructureSean Nelson2010-01-091-3/+3
* Buspiratespi support on mingwPatrick Georgi2010-01-061-4/+53
* Multiple unrelated changesPatrick Georgi2010-01-061-29/+9
* Move OS-dependent serial code from buspirate_spi.c to serial.cCarl-Daniel Hailfinger2010-01-061-0/+52
* Move serial handling from serprog.c to serial.cCarl-Daniel Hailfinger2009-11-231-0/+142
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