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* Add a bunch of new/tested stuff and various small changes 22Stefan Tauner2015-02-081-1/+1
* Rename programmer registration functionsCarl-Daniel Hailfinger2014-07-191-21/+21
* Add 'const' keyword to chip write and other function prototypesMark Marshall2014-05-091-2/+1
* Uintptr_t-ify map_flash_region functionsStefan Tauner2013-07-171-1/+1
* Have all programmer init functions register bus masters/programmersCarl-Daniel Hailfinger2011-12-201-23/+46
* Add struct flashctx * parameter to all functions accessing flash chipsCarl-Daniel Hailfinger2011-12-181-19/+23
* Register Parallel/LPC/FWH programmers the same way SPI programmers are regist...Carl-Daniel Hailfinger2011-11-091-0/+20
* Fix sparse warning: Using plain integer as NULL pointerPeter Huewe2011-01-241-1/+1
* Remove unneeded #include statements completelyCarl-Daniel Hailfinger2010-05-301-1/+0
* Move generic programmer function into newly introduced programmer.cCarl-Daniel Hailfinger2010-01-061-0/+99
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