path: root/physmap.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Various smaller flashrom improvementsUwe Hermann2009-05-171-4/+4
* Abstract mapping/unmapping of flash regionsCarl-Daniel Hailfinger2009-05-111-0/+21
* Some coding style and consistency fixesUwe Hermann2009-04-151-2/+4
* exit(2) on /dev/mem open() failure and exit(3) on mmap() failurePeter Stuge2009-01-261-2/+2
* Add license header to physmap.c so everyone is happyPeter Stuge2009-01-261-0/+18
* Darwin / Mac OS XStefan Reinauer2009-01-261-1/+19
* Abstract mmap() in physmap.c and only open /dev/mem on the first physmap() callStefan Reinauer2009-01-261-0/+58
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